The Right Time to Invest in Facebook Stocks?

Maybe it is time for you to invest in FB stocks! The social media giant is on the rise, and like many tech icons, is a great buy to make money with in today’s tough economy. The Wall Street Journal recently listed it as one of its top 10 best stocks to buy. If this is not enough to convince you, then perhaps reading this article will. Consider the following information, and maybe you too will see the potential in this social network to make money.

Unlike many of its competitors, Facebook does not focus on making money with advertising, at least at the present. It has instead focused on developing its own applications for its users, and monetization through these applications. This has been successful, to date, but there is definitely room for more. If you really want to invest in Facebook stocks, now might be the perfect time.

There are two reasons why I think the timing is now right for you to invest in the stock market with Facebook stocks. The first is the second wave of updates that Facebook is introducing. The second is that of the upcoming third and fourth waves of monetization. The third and fourth are probably going to include things like applications for content, gaming and possibly even media.

The first and second wave of updates were widely praised by analysts. The third and fourth are still in their early stages, and there are some who feel that they will not meet the hype. However, this is partly due to market correction. When markets go into a correction, everything goes back up, including the stocks that have been previously trading below their intrinsic value.

This is how investors may invest in Facebook stocks right now. The third and fourth waves will likely not do anything new, but will add to what Facebook already offers. Right now, Facebook has four core app groups: Games, News, Weather and Fitness. There are also numerous ad networks across the app and through the various apps. Now, you have four value chains from which to choose, and the advertising programs are attractive to advertisers.

Some people feel that the ads will simply not work, and others think the revenue opportunities are too good to ignore. So if you want to invest in Facebook stocks, you may want to look at the apps first. Even if you do not buy shares of the company, you could still invest in the Facebook apps, which are currently the hottest thing going on in the social media world. In fact, many people are buying Facebook stock solely based on the popularity of these apps. Therefore, if you want to invest in Facebook, it makes sense to add the apps to your portfolio and wait for the results. You can find more information from before investing.


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